BLU LINE OCEAN is one of the famous company exporters of seafood marine products in the Philippines.   

  The company’s available seafood products are: Frozen Boiled Octopus; Frozen Cuttlefish (Fillet and Whole); 

  Frozen Shrimp; and Frozen Abalone.


  All products stated above are wild-caught and fresh from the sea that is being supplied by our best supplier  

  in different islands.


  The main product of our company is Frozen Boiled Octopus which is in demand to Korea.

  Our Mission is to provide good quality of products in each of our buyer in Korea, and gives assurance toevery

  client in order to meet their expectations, and most of all, to satisfy their needs.


  Furthermore, our Vision is to make the best service to the client in every transaction that is being made.


  We are serving our clients very well, clear further explanations of information and make approval for the


  Before we will export our product in Korea, first, undergo Quarantine.

  It is mandated from Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatics Resources to examine the product whether it is free

  from bacteria.


  BLU LINE OCEAN CORP. has started to sell products slowly in the local in order to expand its business target.

  As for this year 2018, what we did to improve our production process in order to develop more is, by doing

  deep research and gathering information which are succinct.


  We are also planning to expand our exportation to United States of America, France, Russia and England.


  “Here in BLU LINE OCEAN CORP., we assure you the best quality and good service.”


   * We are certified and accredited in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)


  * We have 12 buying stations in the Philippines

Competitive company

Best quality products

Seamless supply




  * Obtained Direct Fleet

Very clean container ( 1x40, 1x20 footer)

Direct sending of container documents to the consignee

Always meets contract with the buyer

13 - 15 days of transit time